Clobberizer - The Ultimate Vehicle Deodoriser
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Clobberizer - vehicle deodoriser
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Clobberizer - vehicle deodoriser

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Vehicle Deodorisation

Cigarette smoke, food stuck between the seats, spilt drinks, animal odours from the dog’s last walk, or the cat’s last trip to the vet can make sitting in your car feel uncomfortable and unhealthy. Now you can eliminate these bad odours, and the bacteria that cause them, with the revolutionary product Clobberizer available exclusively in from AB Scientific Ltd.

Clobberizer is better at removing odour and killing germs than other products on the market, and does it with one application. The active ingredient in most air fresheners temporarily combine with odours to add a pleasant smell, but in time break down and allow the odour to return. Clobberizer’s active ingredient Chlorine Dioxide chemically changes the odour to neutralize it completely and permanently.

Most car air fresheners cover odours with pine tree and new car smell. Clobberizer isn’t an ordinary car air freshener. Clobberizer uses patented technology to deliver pure chlorine dioxide gas throughout your vehicle. Until recently this product was only available in the USA but now this effective and proven application can eliminate all odours in your car too.


Clobberizer will:

  • Remove cigarette smoke smells
  • Remove spoiled food smells
  • Remove pet smells
  • Remove mildew smells


Clobberizer Is Ideal For:

  • Cars & vans
  • Caravans & motorhomes
  • Boats
  • Taxis, hire cars & other commercial vehicles
  • Hotel rooms


How Clobberizer Works

Clobberizer’s patented car air freshener technology delivers pure chlorine dioxide gas throughout your vehicle to eliminate every bad smell in your car. The pure chlorine dioxide used in the vehicle kit is extremely safe on all the materials found in your car’s interior.

Simply open the Clobberizer jar, add water and Clobberizer will spread throughout your vehicle, penetrating soft materials like your upholstery and carpet to neutralize the bad smells. Leave overnight and your vehicle will smell of nothing the next day.

One Clobberizer can treat up to 17 cubic metres overnight. For larger vehicles use multiple units.

For a deeper treatment and on hard surfaces use the additional Clo2bber spray pouch to completely remove bad odours and kill bacteria. We especially recommend the use of the Clo2bber spray on vehicles that are tarnished by cigarette smoke. Spraying the upholstery and roof lining of the vehicle will ensure that Clobberizer reaches deep into the upholstery and treats all sources of cigarette odour. For best results use the Clobberizer Combo Pack. See our FAQ section for more information.

Full instructions are provided with the product.

Keep out of reach of Children

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Questions & Answers

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  • Can this he used on a antique furniture to remove cigerrette smoke?

    Yes - the spray version will work well

  • can this product be purchased anywhere other than on line

    You can contact us directly if you are looking at setting up an account for Trade purchase otherwise it would be online.

  • A customer spilt a bottle of red wine and we are struggling to remove the smell would this product do the trick at removing the brewery smell ?

    Yes it works best on organic smells like this. We would recommend the spray version to target the area of spill and kill the bacteria and fungi that are causing the smell. Thanks.

  • Does this product contain any added fragrances? Does this product eliminate the smell of perfume? I bought this car whilst a slight cold had reduced my sence of smell and now find I cannot stand the smell of the previous owners perfume any more. It is strong, lingering and is transfering via my clothes to my house. I suspect may have permeated the upholstery and carpets.


    Thanks for your question. Clobberizer does not contain any fragrance itself and so at the end of the treatment you are left with a smell of nothing. Clobberizer will neutralise perfumes. I would recomend using the spray bottle version Clobber and targetting the seat that is transfering the smell to your clothes. It sounds like that is where the problem is.

    Good luck!

  • Can it be used in car with leather seats

    Yes it can be used with leather seats.


  • how much is this in American money?


    We only sell the product within Europe. Please contact the USA based manufacturer if you wish to buy it in the USA.  Their website is as follows:


  • Can the is product be used in cars with leather seats?

    Yes - no problem at all. If you look on our facebook page you will see professional detailers using it in cars with leather seats.

    Thanks for your question!

  • Where can I buy it

    Hi John,

    You can buy the product right here on If you are not from the UK please email us and we will be able to help point you in the right direction.


    AB Scientific

  • Hi, Does this product leave any kind of dust or residue etc after use ? thanks

    No - only pure chlorine dioxide gas is released from the jar and this will not leave any residue or dust behind. You will not be able to tell the product has been used expect that the smell will have gone!