Clobberizer - The Ultimate Vehicle Deodoriser
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Clobber Spray - targeted disinfection & deodorisation
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Clobber Spray - targeted disinfection & deodorisation

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Clobber is excellent at not only removing odours but also killing germs, and does so with only one application. The active ingredient in most air fresheners temporarily combine with odours to add a pleasant smell, but in time break down allowing the odour to return. Clobber’s ingredient Chlorine Dioxide chemically changes the odour to neutralise it completely. And the Chlorine Dioxide in Clobber kills 99.999% of bacteria, that’s 1000 times more killing power than the 99.9% you get from many other disinfectant products. It is more than just a deodoriser!


Pure chlorine dioxide is gentle, environmentally aware, leaves no residue, has a neutral pH and no material compatibility issues.

Clobbers Chlorine Dioxide is proven effective as a disinfectant against numerous bacteria, fungi yeasts and viruses including*:

  •          Human Corona Virus
  •          E. Coli
  •          Salmonella
  •          Pseudomonas
  •          Trichophyton mentagrophytes (Athlete’s foot)
  •          Listeria
  •          Candida albicans
  •          Penicillium
  •          HIV-1
  •          Rotavirus
  •          Swine flu

*Tested at a 10 minute contact time.

There is no known instances of a build-up of bacterial resistance to chlorine dioxide.

How it works

Clobber’s patented deodorising and disinfecting technology delivers pure chlorine dioxide in liquid form. While chlorine dioxide has ‘chlorine’ in its name, it is chemically very different to chlorine. While both chlorine and chlorine dioxide are oxidising agents, chlorine dioxide has 2.5 times the oxidation capacity with a much lower reactivity and a neutral pH meaning it is non-corrosive and safer to use than chlorine based products that can also leave harmful residues.

Simply fill the bottle with 1 litre of tap water (to the brim), fit the enclosed spray head, wait 30 minutes for the microreactor to generate and then use.  The activated product can be stored for up to 15 days.

Clobber Is Ideal For

  • Targeting areas such as a soiled carpet
  • Sports equipment
  • Removing mildew and smells from curtains
  • Pets kennels, cages and baskets
  • Basically anywhere that needs to be freshened up!

For general car deodorisation see Clobber’s sister product Clobberizer.


Keep out of reach of Children


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  • Would it get rid of damp smell in a car

    Yes - it treats damp smells very easily.

  • Will it get rid of spilt milk smell in car underlay

    Yes, it will not only get rid of the smell but also kill the bacteria and mould that will be growing in it and making the smell.