Clobberizer - The Ultimate Vehicle Deodoriser
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Clobberizer is not limited to vehicles. It will work in any enclosed space where you can leave it overnight to do its work. In fact, we sell quite a few to hotels and B&Bs who have had odour problems within a room.

When you are using it in a room try to calculate the volume of room in cubic metres. This is calculated as follows:


length of the room (metres) x width of the room (metres) x the Height of the room.


Each Clobberizer can treat up to 17 cubic metres of air. Therefore, you may need more than one to treat a room. If you do use more than one, then try to position the Clobberizers’ equally throughout the room.

If there is a window or air vent where the Clobberizer could escape, then seal them up using masking tape. Once you have activated the product, leave the room and close the door. If the door seal is not good or there are gaps, then seal the door using masking tape.

The following day open the door and windows and allow the room to air before returning it to normal use.