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Removing Cigarette Smoke

The smell of stale cigarettes is one of the worst smells ever. It frequently appears in people’s top ten list of smells they cannot abide.  The human sense of smell is pretty amazing; it can identify over 1 trillion different odours thanks to our 5,000,000 receptor cells. We are good, but not that good. A dog has a sense of smell that is 1,000 times that of ours thanks to their 220,000,000 receptors. Ironically dogs are also frequently on people’s list as smells they don’t like.

The Problem

Removing cigarette odour from an enclosed space such as a car is not easy.  Many car dealers will simply not buy second hand cars that have been smoked in any more as it is so difficult to do. Over the years there have been many gadgets and products developed to tackle this problem and most have failed. There is some pretty expensive equipment on the market that can deal with this problem but this is out of the reach of most car dealers and certainly too expensive for use in the domestic market.  Not only that but the chemicals used are very expensive making the cost per treatment even more prohibitive.

People contact us all the time with horror stories of the lengths they have gone to, to try and remove the awful smell without success. Before you spend hundreds of pounds on valeters, steam cleaning services, car perfume bombs that smell even worse than the problem, foggers, baking soda and charcoal read on and see what the professionals use. You won’t be disappointed.

The Solution

Clobberizer offers people a real chance to get rid of those smoke odours once and for all. Clobberizer does not mask smells and is not just a car bomb that fills the car with a scent. Clobberizer generates pure Chlorine dioxide that is an excellent deodoriser that actually destroys the odours permanently.  Clobberizer will gas the whole car and reach all areas without causing any damage to any materials found within a car. Clobberizer is simple and safe to use.





Hundreds of companies in the car trade nationwide are benefiting from
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What is the catch?

Well there is no catch! Clobberizer is very simple to use. There are just things to consider and do before you use it. Although Clobberizer is great it’s not a miracle worker but if you follow our guide you should reach your goal. Here are some things to consider:

1. How bad is the smell?

The previous owner of your car probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of pounds and hours of their life making your car smell like it does now. All those cigarettes over that amount of time will mean that smoke got into EVERY part of the car. Clobberizer is left in the vehicle overnight and although will reach all areas of the car in that time may not get as deep into the upholstery as all that smoke did. Therefore, we would recommend using the Clobberizer combo pack. This will give you the additional spray bottle that will allow you to spray directly the upholstery, carpets, roof lining and any other surface.  Make sure you wet these thoroughly and don’t worry Clobberizer will not bleach or damage anything in the car.  If the car is particularly bad then we would also recommend buying a Clobberizer refill to allow you to treat the car twice. Yes, that’s a bit more money but you want to solve this problem right?

2. How is the air conditioning?

Quite often people treat their car only to find that all their hard work is undone when they restart the engine and turn on the AC.  Smell the air coming out of the vents and if this is not as fresh as a Swiss mountain top then get it serviced and the filters replaced before you go any further.

If you only have an AC problem, take a look at this review to see how someone else dealt with the problem.

3. Is the car clean?

We mean really clean and not just a quick tickle with the vacuum!  A smoker is likely to have dropped ash and maybe even butts. Thoroughly clean the car throughout. Get those seats right back and make sure there is nothing lurking underneath that might cause the smell to come back later.  Pay particular attention to the driver’s seat. If they smoked while they were driving and they had the window open, then it is likely that some ash ended up in the back of the car. Fold the back seats down and vacuum behind there too. Clean all hard surfaces such as the dashboard really well. Even though you can't always see it the cigarette smoke will have built a film up on these surfaces. Don’t forget the ash trays and door pockets.

4. Convertible Cars

Convertible cars by their nature are a bit leaky. Even the posh ones. Therefore, when using Clobberizer it is likely some will escape from the car and not be able to do its job. We would always recommend treating a bad convertible car twice just to be safe.

5. Car Mats

If they are the original ones and smell throw them out and treat yourself to some new ones!


When you have considered all these factors and done everything you can to prepare the car it is time to let Clobberizer do the business.

Clobberizer is weakened by heat and UV light. Therefore, always start the treatment in an evening or when the car is in a garage. If the interior of the car is warm, then open the doors for a bit before you start.

Smoke rises and tends to go straight up therefore the roof lining above the driver’s head is often the major source of smell. Give this area some special attention.

Use your nose! Smell the upholstery and work out which bits need the most attention of your Clobber spray bottle.

Follow the instructions provided carefully to ensure you get the maximum effect.

The Clobberizer jar will fully generate in 4 hours. An overnight treatment is sufficient, there is no need to leave the jar more than 24 hours in the car.

Get a second opinion. Smell is very subjective and it is easy to get obsessed with it.  At the end of the treatment ask someone else to smell the car and see what they think.

Try Clobberizer now

If you follow this guide you should have success and will probably have just added some serious value to your car at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Get this burden off your shoulders and invest in Clobberizer today.



If you are reading this but looking to get rid of a different smell such as the smell of dogs, then don’t worry - that is a lot easier to treat! Please see our basic guide. Only the evil smell of cigarettes requires this much attention.