Clobberizer - The Ultimate Vehicle Deodoriser
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Simple Guide

There are 2 versions of this product available; Clobberizer and Clobber.

   Clobberizer can be used in any enclosed space. When
   left overnight the product emits chlorine dioxide gas
   which will actually destroy odours and not just mask
   them. This lends itself perfectly to vehicles and

   Clobber is the same product but in a handy spray bottle
   which can be used to target specific areas that are
   creating bad smells. Clobber is perfect for fabrics and
   upholstery that you know may require a
   deeper treatment.










Full instructions are provided with the product but here is a brief guide:


1. Place container on a flat surface and fill with water up to the mark on the label.

2. Add the Clobberizer pouch into the container and replace the lid.
Remove the Clobberizer refill from the foil pouch

3. Place Clobberizer in the drinks holder of the car or other secure place so that it cannot fall over. Remove lid.

Place the Clobberizer in the car and remove the lid

4. Close all doors and windows and lock the vehicle to prevent others from entering the vehicle whilst the product is in use.

5. Allow Clobberizer to work for a minimum of 4 hours. For best results leave overnight up to a maximum of 24 hours. Do not remove the pouch. The liquid will turn yellow.  Clobberizer is weakened by UV light and heat therefore for best results start the process in the evening.

6. At the end of the treatment open all doors and ventilate for 20 minutes before entering. Empty contents down an external drain and dispose of packaging in an outdoor waste bin.



A handy spray bottle version for a targeted application.

1. Remove cap and fill the bottle with water to the brim. Attach spray head and ensure it is in the closed position.

2. Leave to stand for 30 minutes. Gently shake before use and then spray as required.

The product can be stored in a dark place for up to 14 days.