Clobberizer - The Ultimate Vehicle Deodoriser
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Clobberizer is truly the ultimate vehicle and room deodorisation product.

Harnessing the unique power and properties of chlorine dioxide there is finally a product on the market that will actually destroy odours and not just mask them with some cheap perfume that wears off after a few days only for the smell to return.

Whether you have a smelly car, mildew odours in your caravan, or the smell of a weeks worth of fried breakfasts in your motor home. Clobberizer will do the trick and let you breathe easily once again.

Clobberizer isn't limited to vehicles either; it will work perfectly well in rooms too. Maybe the room where the dog sleeps is a bit smelly, or you've had a smoker stay in a hotel room. Clobberizer will solve your problems.



Chlorine dioxide has been recognised for decades as a superior broad-spectrum biocide that is effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and spores. Municipal water systems have used chlorine dioxide for over fifty years to treat drinking water.

Chlorine dioxide is not chlorine, sodium hypochlorite or bleach. Unlike these compounds, chlorine dioxide is not a chlorinating agent and does not form chlorinated dangerous organic by-products.

Chlorine dioxide is a highly efficient biocide and is arguably the most versatile, material compatible, user and environmentally product available.


“Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide that can kill fungus, bacteria and viruses at levels of 0.1 to 1 part per million in contact times of a few minutes.”
— Annual Research Report, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, 1996

Chlorine dioxide also has a unique quality in that it is an excellent deodoriser. It does not mask smells but it actually oxidises them and removes them permanently.

Before Selective Micro Technologies developed their patented micro-reactor technology it was not possible to use Chlorine dioxide without expensive generation equipment. Chlorine dioxide is destroyed by UV light and cannot be pressurised which makes long term storage impossible.

Their unique product offers ultra-pure chlorine dioxide at the point of use without the need for any equipment or chemical mixing.  Simply add the patented micro reactor to water and walk away.

This technology and chemical properties lend itself perfectly to decontamination and deodorisation of cars and other similar enclosed spaces and so Clobber and Clobberizer were born.

Clobber is an EPA registered disinfectant that can be used to spray pure chlorine dioxide onto a surface to decontaminate it and deodorise it at the same time. Just add water to the bottle, allow 30 minutes for the chlorine dioxide to generate and then spray away.

Clobberizer is a pure deodoriser for enclosed areas up to 17m3. Simply fill the container with water, add the micro reactor and leave overnight.  Chlorine dioxide which is a natural gas will be generated and fill the whole area. It will permeate into carpets and upholstery and completely remove odours.

Neither product will cause any damage to materials or leave any residues whatsoever.

Clobber and Clobberizer are not stabilised chlorine dioxide, they are a patented system for generating pure chlorine dioxide. Stabilised chlorine dioxide is far more corrosive and lacks the efficiency of pure chlorine dioxide. The 2 should not be confused.