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Interesting Way to Treat AC Odour Problems

Clobberizer Review

Thanks to MP for submitting his review which was a pretty novel way of dealing with a bad smell coming from his AC system. Instead of activating the jar as normal he left the lid on and let it fully generate for 4 hours before putting the AC on recirculate, placing the jar near the air extraction point in the car and then removing the lid on the jar and closing up the car with the AC running on recirculate. Doing it this way will definitley get you the maximum effect. Has anyone else tried this?


The full review is here:

Didn't disappoint and exceeded my expectations! Great Product.

I used this for our 2008 Mercedes C Class which has a strange smell coming when the A/C was on, we had previously taken it to the Mercedes Service Centre where they carried out checks, re-gased the A/C, put there own bacterial cleanser but nothing work. It masked the smell for couple of days then the smell returned. I tried Clobberizer and i'm glad I did! Followed the instructions and put the sachet in with water and let it activate for 4.5 hours. I then tried something slightly different, I left the car run on internal recirculate with the A/C running on about 17oC for an hour and half. I then turned the engine off and left it for another hour or so. Returned to open the windows and let it air out for about 25 minutes then took the car for a small drive to ensure the effect and smell of the Chlorine Dioxide Gas when through all the vents in the car. A week later and the car smells fantastic. I will definitely be purchasing this again and especially when either buying or selling my cars! :)

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